Buying Tips When You’re Camping

Whether you are an experienced camping enthusiast or you are starting off on your first camping experience, it is important to have the proper gear and equipment. Many of the supplies can be expensive and some items may be hard to find. To get the most for your money, though, there are several tricks you can employ.

Unless you have an unlimited budget, a camping trip is not something where you can get everything at once without a bit of planning. Research where you will be going, the conditions that will be present and the climate. Make a list of all the supplies you will need and determine what items you have available and what items you will need to purchase. If you start early enough, you’ll be able to spread purchases over a longer period of time so it does not take as big a hit to your budget all at once.

Research on the Internet or at local sporting goods stores to get an idea of the cost for all the equipment and supplies you will need. Do not forget items such as food and water, cooking utensils and eating implements. If you go over budget, see if there are ways you can economize or determine if there are some items you can do without. Do not skimp on survival equipment or first aid equipment as these are essential. However, you may be able to get away with roughing it a bit more by foregoing some luxury items. Compare prices on the Internet. Not all stores have comparable prices and if you forego the convenience of getting everything at one store, you may get better prices.

Borrow and Rent
If you have friends who have camped in the past, they may be able to supply some equipment for you to borrow. This will greatly reduce initial expenses. Even if you can get pieces from several people, this may help. Make sure to keep a list of who gave you which items so you can return them to the correct people. Be considerate of other people’s property and return items cleaned and in good condition. Some items are also available for rental. Check with local rental locations to see if they have items such as grills and showers. For maximum convenience, you can rent a recreational vehicle which will supply cooking, eating and sleeping facilities.

Buy Used and Discounted
Check on the Internet or at local resale shops for used equipment. Many people will purchase items for camping then decide they don’t want it anymore or they upgrade. You can find great deals at these stores and buy clothing and equipment at a value. Discount stores often have sporting goods sections. You may not be able to buy all your camping needs there but you may be able to find dishes, heaters, grills, tents and sleeping bags at a greatly reduced price.

Buying camping equipment can be expensive, especially for the first time camper. However, with a little planning and time you can get items at a discounted rate. Make sure to be organized and make lists of necessary items. Research prices and compare stores to find the best discounts available. Your camping vacation will be a lot more enjoyable if you didn’t spend a fortune to rough it in the wilderness.

Outdoor Adventure Gear

When it comes to buying outdoor gear online you could spend hours trying to find the best price on the right item. Fortunately, it is getting easier. Companies like, Altrec, Moosejaw, Campsaver, Rockcreek and Proboardshop have made finding the right piece of equipment much easier. In addition to a full line of men and women’s outdoor clothing these sites offer a vast selection of hard to find accessory items. Items like GPS navigation systems, first aid and safety equipment stoves and lanterns, outdoors food items and much more. Each of these online retailers also offers specialty items for different sports such as climbing gear, altimeters for skydiving, kayak and whitewater equipment, trekking poles, sleeping bags and tents for camping, and just about anything you can think of for the outdoor enthusiast.

For example, my wife wanted a new fleece jacket for Christmas. I went to several local sporting goods stores searching for this particular green North Face Denali fleece jacket in the right size and could not find one. After burning a tank of gas and several hours searching without success I decided to browse online. To my surprise within 20 minutes I had found the fleece I was looking for and I received a 20% discount as a first time customer. What a time saver!

As with all online shopping, only deal with reputable companies and always check the return policy. If you receive the wrong size or color you do not want to have any trouble exchanging the item. Also, check to see if there are customer reviews available so you can read the feedback of others that have made a purchase in the past.

By shopping for outdoor gear online you can finally afford to pursue that adventure you have always dreamed of. Whether it be hiking, rock climbing, skiing, or camping you can find the outdoor equipment you need to make the trip as safe and enjoyable as it is meant to be.

Tips for Buying Patio Heaters

Stay outdoors in your patio even during cold evenings by installing outdoor patio heaters. Outdoor patio heaters allow you to enjoy evening dinners and conversations in your patio despite cold weather with its temperature settings that you can adjust to keep you and your guests warm and comfortable.

There are different types of outdoor patio heaters. There are freestanding heaters and heaters for tabletops or for hanging, which is great for small spaces. For trendy homeowners, Olympic outdoor heaters bring warmth and style to a patio. There are also tiki style outdoor heaters as well as chimney type heaters and fire pits.

To start your search for the most suitable outdoor patio heater, you should decide first whether you want a fixed unit or not. Then consider the design and style of your patio to make sure the type of heater you will buy will match your other patio furniture. Other things to think about are:

Like with any patio furniture, size is very important consideration when shopping for outdoor patio heaters. Some types are bulky and may take up a lot of space in your patio. Make sure you choose the size accordingly. Ideally, the height should range from three to seven feet.

Outdoor patio heaters usually radiate heat fifteen to twenty feet from the base all around the unit. Make sure the patio heater you buy will be able to warm most if not all of your patio area.

If you do not want fixed outdoor patio heaters, you can choose portable ones. This is also a good choice if you camp out a lot. If you are buying a large patio heater, look for those with wheels so you can easily move and store them. Alternatively, you can purchase a wheel kit.

Purchase only outdoor patio heaters that have industry-approved designs to ensure safety. These heaters should have CSA and CE certification seals. Check for safety features such as flame controls, sealed burners, electronic ignitions, and safety tilt switches, which automatically cuts off gas flow should the heater tilts over. Have a qualified professional handle installation of the unit including service and repairs.

Remember to place outdoor patio heaters away from all flammable materials. Instruct your children how to use the heaters properly. If you have very young kids, keep them away from the heaters. Be safe and enjoy the evening outdoors.

Where to buy

You can find outdoor patio heaters in online stores or stores in your area that sell outdoor patio furniture. Check these stores for new products and special deals such as free shipping.

Evolution Of The Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Security is a great concern to most people, whether you reside in a busy city, a small town or even a rural farm community. You would like to believe that you and your family are immune from the terrible crimes that continue to plague this world. Are you willing to take that chance with the lives of your family, or with the business you built from scratch?

The wireless surveillance camera has definitely evolved within the last few years. Unless you have recently shopped for or purchased a camera, you may not be aware of the vast improvements made to the wireless cameras. The resolution has improved greatly and the transmission has become more powerful. Transmission ranges depend on the frequency, the antenna and the power output. Some of the first-rate receivers are approved by the FCC and include built-in directional antenna, manual channel switcher and video outputs.

They offer flexibility that you just will not find with a wired security camera. Although a color camera provides a more recognizable image, the black and white camera affords a superior quality in low light conditions. In addition to the high caliber video, most of these outdoor security cameras are weatherproof and tamper-proof, which makes them excellent choices to protect your home or business.

Simplistic installation is another advantage of a wireless system. Mount the camera in the preferred location, and plug the receiver into a TV if you would like to view the images live. If you would prefer to record them to watch at a later time, plug the receiver into a recording device. The older models needed a direct line of sight between the camera and the receiver; however the new models can penetrate walls up to 2 feet thick.

There has been much advancement made to the wireless security systems within the past 3 years, and no doubt that will continue to be the case. Don’t take a chance on the security of your loved ones. You will be pleasantly surprised with the affordability as well as the reliability of the current models of outdoor wireless cameras on the market today.

The Outdoor Fire Pit Ring

Fire pit rings can make a very nice winter setting in your backyard or garden, not very complicated to set up and maintain, the fire pit ring is just like a regular fire ring only that you can build a fire pit around it and make it nicer to sit by and, naturally a nice feature in your property.

Fire pit rings can be bough at most do it yourself shops and connected to gas or by using a natural burning wood you can build yourself a nice and easy outdoor fire place that will make you and your guests very warm and happy during the cooler months of the year. What can be nicer than a warm burning fire and some friends to pass a night of companionship, in this simple camp like environment we easily go back to our childhood and spend some quality time with the family and your friends.

As in all things the fire rings cost money, and need some maintenance, but the great thing is that in this particular case they are easy to build, cheap to buy, have almost no maintenance costs and last for a very long time. Some of the nicest fire rings on the market cost no more than a few dozens of dollars and are portable, meaning you can move them around, from you backyard to another location or from place to place in your property.

This portable quality of the fire pit rings makes it a sweet feature in every house, especially if you got kids that would be happy to have a family fire once in a while and roast some delicious marshmallows, or taken to the woods or beach for a nocturnal adventure. Many of the fire pit rings have an extra feature, a metal bar that can be used for cooking, making the fire pit an complete solution for the family cookout.

The fire pit ring was originally a simple stone structure that encompassed a burning fire so the flames would not go uncontrolled and cause damage to the surroundings or people that used to sleep around it, even today you can find a lot of people who have different methods of constructing special stone fire pit rings, maximizing the potential of the fire and its burning time.

With the development and art of metal welding fire pit rings have become more durable and much more technical, this provided most people with a nicer solution to digging holes and building fire rings with heavy stones, this developed even more into a cooking stove in time of need by using the metal surface as a cooking platform.

There are many advantages to having a fire pit right outside your door, you should always keep an eye on the fire and remember that this is not something that you can leave unattended, you should also advise a certified plumber before installing any gas pipes and connections to other pipes.

Gotta Get Your Outdoor Gear

If you love spending time in the outdoors, like I do, then you know that there is nothing you would rather have than the right outdoor gear for every activity you love. There is no gift you would rather receive on Christmas or your birthday than an addition to your collection of outdoor gear. You search the internet and catalogs for it and you frequent the stores that sell outdoor gear. You cannot help it, you just love being in the outdoors and having the outdoor gear to prove it.

Hopefully you take time to really develop a passion for an outdoor sport or leisure activity before you run out and purchase all the proper equipment. Take advice from someone who has done that too many times – don’t do it. I know how hard it is after a great experience to not want all of the outdoor gear to do it like a professional, but wait. Try out the activity several times before make a decision about purchasing the gear.

Before you decide to make a big purchase try renting the outdoor gear for your favorite activities or ask a friend to borrow theirs. This will not only help you save money for a little longer on gear but it will also provide you with the benefit of trying out different kinds of outdoor gear before you settle in on what is best for you. After a process of trial and error you can make a responsible purchase because you know the exact variety of outdoor gear that you like.

Consider too, whether this newly found activity will be something you love for many years to come or if perhaps it is just a fleeting hobby. If you sense that your interest in this sport or activity may decrease over time you may be able to purchase less expensive or less technical outdoor gear. I know it may feel tough, but come to grips with the fact that you will probably not be an expert at every outdoor activity you enjoy. Try to choose one or two activities at a time to really throw your time, energy, and money into.

Once you narrow the field of activities that you really love and after you have taken time to borrow or rent the outdoor gear you can begin to purchase what you like. It is important to be selective and choosy as you shop. We all know the frustration of not having just the right outdoor gear. Shop at a store, usually the smaller the better, that has a staff of knowledgeable employees that have actually done the activities you are inquiring about. Make sure that the outdoor gear you purchase has a fair return policy or even a warranty in case of any problems.

All that is left to do is enjoy your new outdoor gear! Enjoy that first weekend getaway and put that new outdoor gear to good use. You know your next purchase of outdoor gear is probably just a little while away, so enjoy what your newest purchase while it is still new.

Outdoor Vacations – Camping Essentials

A camping holiday can be fun for the entire family. They provide an opportunity to commune with nature and have quality bonding time with the family. Planning and preparation is key to ensuring you have what you need for your outdoor vacation. Bringing too little with you may leave you with not enough of the camping essentials while bringing too much may make it impossible to carry everything on your back.

If you’ll need your own shelter then choose a tent that is an adequate size and is easy to assemble. Look for a sturdy tent made of waterproof material. The more elaborate, the more assembly time and effort is usually required. Consider purchasing a self-assembling tent that has a collapsible frame all in one unit. It will save time putting up and taking down.

“Roughing it” doesn’t mean you have to sleep on the bare ground. Purchase an inflatable mattress and a comfortable sleeping bag. If you’re hiking with your gear then buy a lightweight yet well insulated sleeping bag and a sleeping mat to sleep on. If you’ll be sleeping in cold weather then spend the money to get a well insulated sleeping bag; it will be well worth the investment.

Camping doesn’t mean you also have to eat cold, pre-packaged food. Bring a cooking stove and some basic cooking utensils. Bring just enough to get by especially if you’ll be hiking with your gear.

Make sure you take a first aid kit that contains the necessities. You’ll need various sized bandages and antibacterial cream or spray. Ibuprofen is a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory so it’s a beneficial to stock your kit with a bottle. Also bring some anti-histamine; not only is it good for treating allergies but also as an itch reliever.

Insect repellent is important as well as sun block. Bring some basic tools such as scissors and a Swiss Amy knife. Bring a flashlight which comes in handy for walks at night and when looking for something in your tent. Cleansing towelettes are useful for cleaning soiled hands and small scrapes.

Most campsites have a water supply but if you prefer purified water then you’ll need to bring in your own. Bottled water also comes in handy for cleaning first aid cuts and scrapes.